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Guidelines to Distribute Flyers

Employee Standards of Behavior

School Wide Behavior Plans

State of Division Reports

Journey to Excellence

Goals of Superintendent Thomas:

1.) Collaborative servant leadership by example

 2.) Service and support for the Escambia School District through the following actions:

         Provide, promote and support environments that result in world class 21st Century learning.

         Secure and develop resources (incl. human, fiscal and informational) that support and promote the district's mission.

         Develop and maintain an organization based on trust, teamwork, communication, commitment, and competence.

         Optimize students’, parents’, and other stakeholders’ pride and satisfaction with public education.

District Vision

     Create a school District where parents want to send their children, students want to learn, teachers want to teach and employees want to work.

Employee Standards of Behavior

Focused Curriculum Goals:

1.  All schools scoring "C" or above on state accountability system

2.  Double the number of students scoring at the highest levels (4 and 5) in Reading, Math and Science

3.  Within 3 years (by the 2012-2013 school year) 90% of all 2nd grade students will read on grade level

4.  Schools will reduce the number of out of school suspensions by at least 10% by providing alternative consequences that will change behavior.

5.  High schools will increase the graduation rates by at least 3%

6.  The district will create a premier middle school at Warrington Middle.


Safety Summit Power Point

Pressure Points Power Point   Video

Becoming An Influence  PowerPoint   Video

Changing Your Mind(set) PowerPoint
Awareness video clip
Mindset video clip

Making A Difference for the Future - Vision 2020
Video - Administrators Conference 2015

Leaders of Change (power point)
              Determination video clip

      Focused Leadership (power point)
              Boy leader video clip
              Leaders video clip
              Important Action Poster (jpg)
              Important Action (pdf)

Leading the Change (power point)   (video clip)

    Learning in the 21st Century

      Living the Vision - 2011 - 2012

    Escambia School Grades for Elementary and Middle Schools Historical Comparison

Power Point Education is Changing

Drug Awareness Video Entries - Middle and High School

      Drug Awareness Posters submitted by students

Escambia Model of Excellence

Power Point - Stepping to the Plate: Model of Excellence

Power Point for Florida NAACP Conference presentation

Power Point 21st Century Learners

Power Point - Teamwork

Guidelines and Form for Distribution of Flyers at Schools

Ten Year Enrollment History for Escambia School District

 Together we will build a BETTER School System

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