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Brief Narrative of Malcolm Thomas' life

I, Malcolm Thomas, was a shy preacher’s kid, wearing hand-me-down clothes and sitting in the back of the classroom. One day at Tate High School, an inspired teacher recognized that the kid in the back had potential. And that has made “all the difference.” 

Mickey Rigby was the speech teacher who supported me, encouraged me, and inspired me.  For a state speaking contest, he even bought and paid for, from his own meager salary, my first brand new suit.  In my Junior year at Tate, his encouragement was instrumental in my being selected as a Youth Delegate to the Paris Peace Talks to discuss the POW-MIA ‘s. It was his inspiration, combined with his teaching skills that I was elected Student Government President in my senior year. I have never forgotten what that teacher gave to me.

After high school graduation, I served in the United States Army with the 101st Airborne Division, and then became a homebuilder.  Building was a lucrative business, but homebuilding was not my passion.  I had a hunger for something that would be long-lasting!

So, I left homebuilding and entered the much less lucrative, but much more fulfilling world of teaching. I have never regretted the choice. You see, teaching is my passion.

For eight years I taught in a special education classroom at Tate High School before I was persuaded to move to the district level. While at Tate I became the Escambia County Teacher of the Year and was selected as a finalist for Florida Teacher of the Year!

From that day, in 1987, when I left my classroom at Tate High School, I made a vow that I would continue to teach students and make a difference in their lives.  And, I have kept that vow. I still teach!

I want to make a greater difference in the lives of students. I will do my best each day to lead the Escambia County School District to improvement.  I want to empower students, teachers, and parents to do their best. That‘s why I became Escambia County School Superintendent.  

Together we will build a BETTER School System

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